Makan Makan Makan

Such is Malaysia. Been back for about two weeks now and all it’s been is a daily food fiesta. Around here, it’s hard NOT to be. From budget to upscale, you won’t walk very far before running into a food stand, corner shop or restaurant with at least one popular signature dish, snack or drink, sold at relatively affordable prices, even though I’m told otherwise.

“Everything is expensive these days,” say the Malaysians who’ve been living here for the past decade. “Like a plate of char kuey teow? Don’t even talk about shopping mall prices lah, nowadays even at corner coffee shop, it costs six or seven ringgit — damn crazy man!”

If you say so. MYR7 translates to about USD2.15, and yes the portions are smaller, but I could get two plates worth and it would still trump the price of one order in the States. And the taste…yum! Not everything in Malaysia is so cheap and good, so just be grateful people!

But to the detriment of my slender waistline and defined jawline (:-D,) I’ve been gorging. It doesn’t help that the parents have been making it even easier by taking me to their favourite places — all this delicious food is too much! How the heck do people in Asia stay skinny???

The following pictures are only a sampling:


Char Kuey Teow (Wok stir-fried noodles, seafood and veggies.)

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