A Sign Custom Made For Malaysian Drivers


Everyone who cares about the suspension of their car (as well as their lives,) will appreciate the stark truth that this windscreen sign represents of the roads in Malaysia. It happens all too frequently that I’ll be driving along a well-travelled road when suddenly, a gaping pothole opens up, causing me to swerve without warning. Usually, I steer towards the shoulder if I’m in the far lane, but when it isn’t possible, I can only say that it’s through sheer luck that I’m still sitting here typing this post, because those potholes can cause, and have caused, gnarly accidents.

I’ll venture a guess that our rainy weather adds to the problem, but the people in charge need to get it done and fix the issue–what are we paying road taxes for if we can’t even get well-maintained city roads? Whether it’s changing the materials used for road paving, or making sure contractors don’t cut corners with workmanship and materials, something needs to be done. But sadly, I’m not holding my breath. The roads of Malaysia have always been a pockmarked, uneven mess even since I was a child!

All we can do is put signs in the back of our car, as a form of (very mild) protest.

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  1. Ha! That would be relevant here too. The 4 seasons: Winter, winter, winter, and road repair

    • At least you have road repair, here it’s more like “hastily patch road up because it will break again.”

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