Seven Best Travel Moments of 2015

Without going too much into the details, 2015 has been quite hectic, unexpected and rewarding all at the same time. I look forward to more this year, especially with travel in the ASEAN region, and maybe even Europe. But before I close the door completely on 2015, I’ll take a quick look back at some notable and enlightening  personal moments in travel. Here’s to many more in the coming year. 🙂

1 | Discovered beautiful phalaenopsis orchids in Genting Highlands for under RM30

Orchids I must have read about Waltex Biotec, an orchid farm with the largest selection of moth-shaped orchids, from another travel blog out there on the websphere, sometime in July. Use Waze to find the entrance, because it’s easy to miss when making your way down from Genting. The farm is quite kampung and you might be the only visitors there, but the orchids are such a beautiful souvenir to bring back from the highlands, and will look gorgeous in your home. Full bloom plants are very reasonable, starting at RM25 each.

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Winning with Slot Machine

I wouldn’t have imagined that a trip to Bangkok would turn me on to a really good band, but it did — local rockers called Slot Machine performed at the exclusive EDM club, DoNotDisturb and I happened to be there. At first glance, based on their preppy fashion sense, anyone would have been forgiven for thinking we were in for an hour of shoegazing tunes, but not at all. These boys are more U2-meets-Beatles meets-All American Rejects, and they sounded great! The lead singer must have lungs of a whale — his vocals were practically effortless. In melody, the Thai language sounds really lovely too.

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How Not to Handle a Train Malfunction

On Tuesday, all I was hoping to do was get home and spend a nice evening not thinking or talking or listening to anyone; just a nice, quiet evening to myself away from anything and everything. Alas, it was not meant to be, thanks to the LRT breaking down, and the incompetence of RapidKL in handling the crisis. Thanks so much for this. And on my birthday too. Happy effing birthday to me.

If ranting on social media is anything to go by, Malaysians are truly a tolerant bunch. This wasn’t a short delay — it was three hours. There we (commuters) were, sardine-packed into these tiny four-carriage trains and — in this tropical heat — forced to smell each other’s stink from the day, when announcements started going off about “technical difficulties” at Pasar Seni. Stops at every station were at least five minutes or longer, and when my train finally arrived at Pasar Seni, we were ordered off the for no reason other than it was “out of service,” and each train that passed after that was more jam-packed than usual. I couldn’t get back on for an exasperating 45 minutes, during which I grew progressively angrier in my Tweets to RapidKL. Okay, so I only tweeted them four times, but as you can guess, I made no bones about their incompetence.

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