Bastille Live in KL


Famous band or not, a good, live concert always gets me going. In the case of last Saturday, Bastille was in town for a show at KL Live, an entertainment venue in the Life Center shopping complex on Jalan Sultan Ismail. The space reminds me of a slightly better 9:30 Club (in Washington D.C.) but based on the venue website’s event listing, much poorer in terms of concerts they can offer to the public. This is definitely a downside to living in Malaysia — unless they are EDM djs, good live acts are hard to come by.

Back to Bastille: fame and recognition is still new territory to this band, and while they’re certainly pleased to have earned it, there’s a raw honesty and humility from all the lads that endears them to fans. I had the privilege of interviewing them for my day job, and yes, every band and artist is practically obliged to give the same the same jenny-from-da-bloc shtick, but with the Bastille guys, they sounded sincere, and that down-to-earthiness translated well in their live performance. At one point during the show, lead singer Dan Smith left the stage and made his way through the crowd and upstairs where overjoyed concert-goers must have all lost their voices the next day from screaming so hard. The girl next to me nearly had a seizure after she was bold enough to run right towards Smith, where she was then rewarded with a great big bear hug. A band with guys as cool as this, you can bet I’m rooting for them to win the Grammy for Best New Artist, and a long career ahead.

A really enjoyable time with great energy, good melodies and groovy vocals at a pretty cool venue — a wonderful way to start the year off. Now can we have U2 — provided Bono is all healed up — come to KL, pretty pretty please?

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